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29S                                          STOEY OF KEISEA1?

gossip.   It does not contain a singles-archaic term, and in its onar&ieial

style and rustic phraseology is an exact representation of the colloquial idiom
of middle-class Hindus of the present century ; yet it has absolutely nothing
In common with the language officially designated the vernacnlar of the
conntry? either as regards the arrangement of the sentence or the choice of
words ; the latter "being all taken from the Hindi vocabulary, with the exception
of three only— riz., kaul, a s promise f muda, £ merchandise ;' and khabr, ( news.'
Tlieje are inserted as if on purpose to show that the non-admission of a larger
number was a spontaneous and not a pedantic exclnsion. As to its purport,
the eulogy wiich it bestows^on the extraordinary sacrifice of personal decency
and honour, merely for tie sake of procuring the Gosains a good dinner., is so
revolting to the principles of natnral morality that it condeins the whole tenonr
of Vallabhacharya doctrine more strongly "than any argument that could be
adduced by an opponent. The style of the narrative is so easy and perspicuous
that it can present no difficulty to the student^ who alone will take an interest in
the matter, said therefore I have not considered it necessary to add a translation: —


SRTO ^«n^'i<


iltlr! ^T^^C ^rWR ^K^ 1S5IT

*R    srgK ^R ?imi %